State: Track, Revert, Visualize


Visualizing, recording, and tracking state has never been simpler.

State tracking for useState.
Additional support for Context API.
Support for most conditional state routing.
Prop-drilling? Track your state easily.
Visualize and track state changes.


1. Download the extension from Chrome's Web Store.

2. Install the npm package into your terminal/code editor inside of your application folder.

npm i reactime

3. Call the library method on your root container after rendering your App.

const reactime = require('reactime');
const rootContainer = document.getElementById('root');
ReactDOM.render(<App />, rootContainer);


Andy is an experienced Software Engineer based in New York. At JPMorgan Chase, he previously specialized in robotics process automation and enterprise cloud software. His interests include running marathons all over the globe, rube goldberg machines, and animals with opposable thumbs. Andy recently gave a talk about WebAssembly and another one about Golang with Ruth.

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